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Our BRIGHT® custom teeth whitening formulas can get you the smile you want in as little as 9 minutes a day.

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  • No doctor appointment needed.
  • 100% from home.

Simple and easy at-home teeth whitening kit

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"It only took me 1 day to start seeing my teeth stains dissapear. It's awesome!"

- Jared G., San Francisco
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Created just for you

Every Dintle whitening formula is created exactly for you. It all starts with the free assessment to craft the perfect whitener for your smile.

3-Month Treatment (Or More!)

Every kit can be used every day for 3 months for a full treatment cycle. Or you can use it on your own schedule, we are flexible like that.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our whitening formulas are made using all natural, vegan-friendly ingredients which were hand-chosen for their superpowered results.

Is this right for you?

There a lot of teeth whitening options out there, but none of them do it faster and brighter without sensitivity issues than Dintle BRIGHT®, guaranteed.




100% Customized for you


3 shades whiter in just 9 minutes.


None for the average person.




Just $179 Free first month.

Compared to



Generic over-the-counter


Takes weeks before noticeable results.


Yes, reported by most users.


None. Zero. Zilch.


$150 - $1,000 depending on severity.

Our customers say


4.8 out of 5 based on 10,428 reviews

It's super easy

How it works

Step 1:

Brush on
the serum

Our patent-pending whitening serum is proven to work faster with better results than any other whitening option available.

Step 2:

The mouthpiece
does the work

Just keep the dentist-designed LED mouthpiece in for a few minutes while you work, drive, cook, or watch your favorite show.

Step 3:

Show off your
bright smile!

That's it! Your teeth will be 3 shades bright in no time, guaranteed. All you have left to do is smile and brighten the room.

Create a custom formula that will whiten your teeth faster than any over-the-counter whitener. Period.

So much 💖 from all our clients

Our clients can't stop talking about their amazing smiles! There is no wonder why Dintle is the leader in at-home teeth whitening.

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You're going to see incredible results in just your first day! Dintle BRIGHT® is guaranteed to work better and faster than other wired LED kits or whitening strips because it's formulated for you.

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Dintle BRIGHT® whitening kits have helped over 7,352 people get a smile they love in just the last year alone. We love our clients.

If you don't love everything about your Dintle BRIGHT®, send it back within 30 days for a full refund. We'll even pay the return shipping.