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"I was always hiding my teeth in photos and tried to never speak in public because I was afraid of my teeth being visible. But now I can't stop smiling!"

Rachel M., Los Angeles Customer since Feb

"Dintle has seriously helped me with something I never thought I'd feel comfortable showing off. So thank you for the work you're doing! They are beautiful!"

Ryan P., Houston Customer since June

Do you currently wear braces or other semi-permanent orthodontic treatments?

Like retainers, expanders, invisible/clear aligners, etc.

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Which teeth do you want to cover?

Not everyone can afford to pay up-front and we understand. That's why we offer 0% interest payment plans at checkout!

Do you have any top teeth missing?

Do you have at least 1 of the PURPLE teeth and at least 1 of the ORANGE teeth on your top row?

Do you have any bottom teeth missing?

Do you have at least 1 of the PURPLE teeth and at least 1 of the ORANGE teeth on your bottom row?

Choose your shade:

Unsure about your shade? Don't worry, you can change your mind up until production of your veneer starts.

Are there any other issues that you want to cover with your veneers?

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Do you need your veneers strong enough to eat with?

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"I get so many compliments on my smile and no one even knows they're not my real teeth 😂"

Sarah T., Ann Arbor Customer since May

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