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Rachel M., Los Angeles Customer since May

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Ryan P., Sacramento Customer since June

The type of beverages you drink have an affect on your teeth enamel color.

What beverages do you tend to drink most frequently (daily or a few days a week)?

Select all that apply:

Your tooth enamel age plays a big role in the whitening ingredients you use.

How old are you?

Sometimes hormones can play a part in teeth coloring so we will use ingredients that best fit your biology.

What is your biological sex?

Some types of medication can cause tooth stains.

Do you take any medications that have caused any noticeable discoloration?

Your dental care can take a big role in the color of your teeth.

What best describes your dental hygiene?

Smoking and tobacco use can cause particular dental stains.

Do you smoke or chew tobacco?

Studies have shown that physical attraction starts at the smile.

Are you still looking for that special someone?

Do you visit the dentist twice a year for dental cleanings?

How severe is the staining or discoloration of your teeth?

Select the option that matches best:

What color(s) are your teeth right now?

Select that all that apply:

Studies show that a bright smile often leads to a higher chance to be successful in an interview.

Are you currently looking for employment or work?

It is important that our ingredients work with any allergies.

Do you have any allergies to medications?

We will create your whitener to be safe with any dental operations.

Have you recently had any oral surgeries?

Any specific ingredient preferences?

All Dintle products are already natural and free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, GMOs, and animal cruelty.

Do any of the following cause sensitivity with your teeth?

Select that all that apply:

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Reviewing your dental history


Reviewing your dental history

Assessing quiz answers


Assessing quiz answers

Creating your solution


Creating your solution

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