Dintle BRIGHT® Custom Teeth Whitening Kit
Dintle BRIGHT® Custom Teeth Whitening Kit
Dintle BRIGHT® Custom Teeth Whitening Kit
Dintle BRIGHT® Custom Teeth Whitening Kit
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Dintle BRIGHT® Custom Teeth Whitening Kit

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Join 500,000 other people who switched to Dintle BRIGHT! Dintle's all-in-one professional at-home teeth whitening system targets stains and whitens deeply and is designed for sensitive teeth. Dintle BRIGHT was invented by American dentists and leading engineers.

“I have had my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist and Dintle does just as good for a lot less money and time!! Love it!” - Isa A.

Professional teeth whitening reimagined for the perfect smile

Ultraviolet teeth whitening hasn't seen innovation in years, if ever. It's been a clunky service kept locked down by dental offices with high prices. But we have changed that...

Dintle BRIGHT® uses an award-winning professional whitening serum engineered to be enhanced by our at-home ultraviolet LED technology. Dintle BRIGHT® is the only at-home whitening kit approved by the American Teledentistry Association.

Enamel Safe

Enamel-safe ingredients in our new and improved formula guaranteed to give you amazing results. Gluten-Free Formula!

Whiter With 1 Use

Brush your teeth, apply serum, whiten, and rinse. You'll see a noticable change after your first 10 minutes with Dintle's BRIGHT!


Whitens smoking, coffee, soda, and wine stains in minutes on your teeth. Ages 9+ with adult teeth are able to use Dintle's BRIGHT.

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What You Get

1 mouthpiece with the LED accelerating technology for faster results
3 extra-strength whitening wands filled with advanced whitening serum to erase stains
"Get Started" guide to help you quickly jump into using Dintle BRIGHT®
Magentic USB recharging cable for use with any existing charger
1 teeth whitening progress tracker to see your instant smile changes
Results guaranteed and lifetime limited warranty on your entire kit

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Over 500,000 happy customers

Very Real, Very Typical Results

Awesome product!! Only one that has worked for me! And no sensitivity!! AMAZING!!

- Jennifer Butler

Bought this feeling very skepitcal. It really works and they stay that way for quite a while. Love it!!! Best money I have spent on an iffy product. Finally something that really lives up to its claims!

- Dave Yvarro

I have been using this and would recommend, I've seen a difference after 4 days

- Gina Passivo

I love this product! I have only used it 3 times easy to use and no sensitivity.......,I even forgot to use the after product for the gums the first 2 times!...

- Jonny Cannon

Great product....My teeth turned pure white in less than 3 days. It does exactly what they said it would do, yes to everything!!!

- Amy Goodson

I was pretty skeptical but I’m very impressed after 2 uses today.

- Samatha Bell

Upgrade your life, one smile at a time

You haven't experienced the joy of a truly shining smile until you've tried Dintle BRIGHT® teeth whitening. Transform yourself effortlessly in just 9 minutes a day. Because you deserve it!

Instantly upgrade your life with Dintle BRIGHT®

The Benefits of Our At-Home Whitening Technology

Dintle BRIGHT®

  • 100% from home
  • Less than 1 office visit for total treatment
  • Only takes 9 minutes per day
  • No sensitivity issues reported
  • Glowing results after 1st use

Office Visit Whitening

  • Office visits required
  • As much as $200+ per office visit (10 needed)
  • Treatments take hours to complete
  • Complaints of sensitivity and pain
  • Dull teeth for first few treatments

Dintle BRIGHT®

Traditional Whitening

The Internet's Favorite Whitener

"Finally pro-level whitening at home"

"Dintle is the Apple of teeth whitening"

"The best at-home whitening kit we've tried"

"This startup is disrupting dental as we know it"

Buy It Now! Try it risk free · 30-day trial
So Much ♥️ From Our Customers

Don't Just Take It From Us

"This is the only whitening system that actually worked for me, I can not say enough great things about DINTLE!!!!"

- Tina K.

"This whitened my teeth by a few shades and caused no pain or sensitivity at all! I’m happy with the results and would recommend the extra strength solution"

- Rachel P.

"Best teeth whitening kit I’ve ever used before. Works better than dentist whitening and no sensitivity whatsoever. Will be a customer for life."

- Mario C.

Upgrade Your Smile Today

Margaret S.

San Francisco, CA
Verified Buyer

“Bought another set for my boyfriend who is a coffee daily drinker as well as tea and sodas and smoked for 15 years. After 2 uses he saw a huge difference and uses it weekly now. We love dintle”

Margaret S.

Boston, MA
Verified Buyer

“dintle white product is the best. I Will recommend anyone who wants to get your teeth white. Thanks Dintle white Teeth products”

Stuart W.

London, U.K.
Verified Buyer

“I’ve been very happy with Dintle, and the results that I’ve had since using it. When enquiring about teeth whitening at my dentist, prior to using Dintle. I was quoted £3k to have my teeth whitened. Dintle is a fraction of the price, and the results are fantastic.”

James G.

Little Rock, AR
Verified Buyer

“Seen it on Most Expensivest, and I ordered it before the show ended, got me the kit , the wife I got a second one just to see if she liked it, a year worth of serums, I'm glad I did, I love the red light for killing Gingivitis”

Ashley F.

Houston, TX
Verified Buyer

“Seriously the best in teeth whitening, and it’s so simple to use! Plug it into your phone, set a timer, and go about your nightly routine!”

1. Choose a Whitening Strength:

This system includes our most advanced proprietary extra-strength teeth whitening serum, so you can wear it safely at-home and start seeing results in as little as 9-minutes.

The kit includes 1 mouthpiece, 3 extra-strength whitening serum wands, 1 starter guide, 1 whitening tracking chart, and 1 USB charger. *USB charger works with both iPhone and Android devices*

Dintle BRIGHT®

Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Reg. Price: $179
10,000+ positive customer reviews
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Ask away, we've got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Dintle BRIGHT will work for me?

This kit is designed to work for everyone ages 9 and up. Dintle BRIGHT was created by American dentists to work across all their clients equally as well.

How long would it take to whiten my teeth?

Everyone is different, but most Dintle BRIGHT clients start to see results after their first treatment and a noticably different smile in the first week.

What type of stains will this help remove?

Dintle BRIGHT extra-strength serum is designed to fight all tooth stains - from coffee, to wine, or even from years of neglectant brushing. If your teeth range from just slight discoloration, to outright full stained teeth, Dintle BRIGHT will help you bring back the natural white shine.

Does it cause any tooth sensitivity or pain?

Nope! The all-natural gluten-free whitening serum is extremely comfortable and designed specifically for people who have highly sensitive teeth.

What if Dintle BRIGHT doesn't work? Is there a money-back guarantee?

We absolutely guarantee it will work for you, and it has been proven across 500,000+ clients - BUT if you truly don't see a noticable change in 30 days, we will refund you your entire purchase amount, no questions asked.

Is this as good as going to a dental office for whitening treatment?

It's even better! Dintle BRIGHT is the same professional technology that dental offices use, but we have put it into a simple-to-use at home kit that can be done with just 9 minutes a day.